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Tired of spending so much time locating your documents?

CRC scanning services can convert your hard copy documents to electronic format allowing for use with secure cloud storage  and ease of access via the web. Find documents through filters and full text search. Scanned and indexed records reduces time and energy searching for information.

Realize the benefits of digital technology without the large and ever-changing investment in hardware, software, and technical staff at an affordable cost.

  • Save Time & Money
  • Allocate Storage Space
  • Increase Productivity
  • Preserve Historical Documents
  • Prepare for Disaster Recovery
  • Comply With Regulations

Convert piles of paper documents into easily retrievable and searchable electronic files

Carolina Records Center offers a variety of scanning services from back file conversion to Bates stamped litigation discovery. Let us tailor a solution for you.

The Scanning Process

We prepare your documents for our high speed scanners. Bindings, staples and paper clips are removed. Irregular sized documents are reformatted to a standard size. Documents are placed in proper order.

  • The actual scanning is the easy part. However, readability is constantly monitored.
  • Once scanned, one or more index fields are added to every image. These indexes enable you to locate and identify documents in the future.
  • Your images are loaded onto a USB drive DVD or portable Hard Disk. Alternatively, they can be loaded into our electronic document management system. Our system makes access and retrieval a breeze through the Internet via our website.

On-site Scanning

Carolina Records Center has portable scanners and provide on-site scanning service. We have paralegals on our staff that can scan discovery items at a remote location.

Digital Storage

Our new ActiveWeb software enables you to scan directly from your desktop scanner or attach a Microsoft Office™ document from you desktop or server directly to your records inventory on our system.


How much do Document Scanning Services Cost?

Our services are priced on a per image basis. This price is inclusive of all of the functions related to converting your files. Typically our document scanning price ranges between $.06 to $.15 per page, but pricing is variable based on a number of different factors, including:

  • Volume – The total number of pages, images, or documents that you need to have scanned.
  • Document Preparation Difficulty – How many staples, tears, clips, etc. are in your files determine the Document Preparation Difficulty, and ultimately have an impact on the price.
  • Indexing Criteria – What keywords are required to be manually entered to allow you to find your images?
  • Turnaround Time – How quickly do the services need to be performed?

If you can provide a clear idea of these metrics, we can usually provide you with a pretty accurate price per image. Also, we always accept sample jobs so that we can both be more comfortable with the specific requirements of your job. Contact us for a Quote on your Scanning Project to find out more about this process.

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