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It is not enough to backup your data anymore. Studies[1] have found that up to 80% of businesses that suffer a data loss backup regularly – only to discover that the backup is inadequate when recovery is needed. Users assume that backup devices are working properly, contain all the required information and that the data is current. Most users do not regularly check the backed up data to ensure that it’s working as designed.  The fact is that hardware fails and software gets corrupted leaving incomplete or old data or, in the worst case, no backup or unusable data.

[1] Ontrack Research

Offsite storage

How it works:

Collection and Retrieval – Carolina Records Center’s drivers will collect your backup media from your office on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and return it on predefined schedule. The Media is transported to and from Carolina Records Center’s Secure Facility in specially designed containers and under climate controlled conditions.

Storage – All Media are stored in our secure climate controlled facility equipped with full perimeter fencing, CCTV surveillance, wet sprinkler system, keypad entry and staffed by bonded staff who have undergone background screening and are subject to random drug testing.

Unscheduled Retrievals – Carolina Records Center guarantees immediate action to any unscheduled retrieval due to an emergency or other and will deliver the Media or Tape anytime 24/7/365 that is required.

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